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Their uniqueness is our greatest treasure, their presence our greatest gift

Their past is a mystery, but with their future will be a masterpiece

Donate to Amma Nanna Anada Ashramam, filling depressed hearts with happiness

Amma Nanna Anada Ashramam breaks loneliness, shares love, care

Walk with Amma Nanna Anada Ashramam to help meet orphans' daily needs

Light the small candle for the homeless; its glow reflects joy in their smiles

Past shadows fade, bright future dawns. Join us & Amma Nanna Anada Ashram NGO to empower homeless!

Seeking hope with heavy heart. Let's erase sorrow with Love & Affection

Rama Linga Reddy Garu Donates Daily Groceries at Amma Nanna Anada Ashramam

అనాధుల అన్నదానం కోసం అందించి ఎందరికో ప్రేరణగా నిలిచి..నిర్భాగ్యుల దీవెనలు పొందండి | Anada Ashramam

What is Amma Nanna Anada Ashramam? | Join us to make this country Beggar Free

Amma Nanna Anadha Punyakshetram Yadadri, Chautuppal.

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