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Amma Nanna Anada Aashramam is an NGO which was established in 2010 in Choutuppal, Nalgonda. This institution ever since then has been the much recognized and notable foundation in and around the Southern regions of India for its continuous & selfless service to every deprived & weaker sections of society in order to help them live better in opportunities, beside enjoying the very basic necessities of life.

The NGO's sole intention of standing beside the impoverished in times of their need, have seen a stupendous response in greeting several diaspora of such sections in society, beside getting to benefit them in various ways. We, at Amma Nanna Anada Ashramam are quite determined & pledged to serve our people throughout their entire journey.

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Amma Nanna Anaadha Aashramam organizes several seminars & events to arouse individuals come forward and be a part of this large public welfare in supporting the change that's for good and inspire even others to join.

600+ We provide Annadanamm on daily basis
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Standing to serve in most needed times!

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What We Did

Amma NannaProjects

Amma Nanna takes several initiatives to bring in a change by serving the needy.

Food Donate for their healthier life

It is both the need & the right of an individual to intake nutritious food. In order to arrange for them such dietary and balanced edibles, donations do require. We, therefore think that our ideals would help you see through the visions that engage only the interest of these overlooked & disadvantaged wisdom who've forever been ignored and that you would stand by them in this.

Medical Donate for their secured living

Medical Assesment is yet another necessity to faciliate their lives in ease. Regular visitings of Doctors for individual Check ups, setting up physical exercise camps & several other activities in benefit of these people's health are organized. To direct all this, huge expenditure is required. We, therefore look forward to your help in gathering even more donations so that this gets to run easily.

Well-Being Help us to bring an evolution in this world

Why not think of celebrating our joys with them?
From Shakranti to Navratri and Holi to Diwali, let us pledge to fill their lives with the vibrant colours & lights that these events bring & make them feel special of their presence. Therefore, we bank on to your kind contribution in edging this beautiful thought into a great success.

Accomodation Donate for their better lodging

We envision to build several quarters in the sole interest of these people. Ever since our NGO's foundation, we've been able to serve 500+ individual's requisites and are even aspiring to serve 300+ in days to near. Thereby, we need more spaces with renovations of the existing ones, looking forward to your support in keeping up to this good.

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There's an inevitable change that awaits their destiny!

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Healthy Food


Donate for their secured living




Donate for their healthier life




Donate for their secured living

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Locate Us # 3-330/1H/2, Opp. Balaji Ramakrishna Temple, Valigonda Road, Choutuppal, Nalgonda, Telangana. Phone: +91 9066413413 Email: info@ammananna.org
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